The Book Cave – Three ‘Bat’ Selections for Young Readers

Halloween is just around the corner, and so is the World Series. Here are three of my favorite ‘bat’ books for young readers that are perfect for this time of season.

You probably won’t get any bat-shaped candy for Halloween, but then you might. But have you ever swallowed an actual bat? You’ll find a fresh take (it’s my favorite) to a classic folk story/song in Lucille Colandro’s clever “There Was An Old Lady who Swallowed a Bat.” I think any child who likes scary stories and/or fantasy will especially enjoy this one.oldladybat

Another recommendation for this time in October is “Bats At the Ballgame,” my favorite from Brian Lies’ in his series of bat books. Here, you’ll see what a bat ballgame might look like, and I’m sure you’ll be amused. Lies’ action-packed illustrations and their pinpoint detail, and his crisp verse together will make this a read for the ages.  Bats-at-the-Ballgame

Finally, a new type of bat nobody’s ever heard of appears in Phyllis Reynolds Naylor’s chapter book “Bernie Magruder – The Bats in the Belfry” in the final book of her Bessledorf series. Bernie and the others in this colorful cast of characters try to solve the mystery of these unheard of creatures and are drawn into such bizarre happenings as the church bells constantly ringing to the same tune in this most-engaging read.


With these titles in mind, I hope they help get you started in some feasting of books that are about bats. Happy Halloween!!


About Philip B.

I'm a recent MLS graduate seeking work as a youth services librarian in a public library. I especially enjoy organizing and presenting storytimes using my puppetry and storytelling skills. I love books, both print and electronic. I also enjoy art, music, theatre and baseball. One of my favorite summer activities is going to the NC mountains and exploring hiking trails.

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