Book Club – “Jim Henson’s The Storyteller”

Stories are how we learn. The progenitors of the world’s religions understood this, handing down our great myths and legends from generation to generation. —Bill Mooney and David Holt, The Storyteller’s Guide


“Jim Henson’s The Storyteller,” written by Anthony Minghella, is a must-read, especially for those who have seen the TV series that first aired in 1987. This is a classic volume of European stories promises to delight readers both young and old, as the storyteller creates the bridge between story and audience so masterfully.

A year ago, “The Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge” aired its final episode on the Syfy channel, and so it was fitting that a book club discussion be done on this book this past weekend. Since the show last aired in May of last year, I have constantly found myself looking back at some of Jim Henson’s work. The show seems to be a way for Henson’s son Brian and others to continue carrying on the Henson legacy, and opening people’s eyes to the captivating world of creature design.

The stories in “Jim Henson’s The Storyteller” were drawn from the award-winning TV series that shares its name. In our book club discussion, we talked about the vivid scenes, the plot twists and the engaging voice of the storyteller/narrator, and provided examples from each of the nine stories. It was fun to see some of the connections to other stories and collections that exist.

In closing, I hope Brian Henson and the Jim Henson Company will continue to draw attention to the creature shop any way it can. I wouldn’t mind bringing back the series with fresh stories, and I believe my fellow book club members Matt and Duane would agree. I also hope works like “Jim Henson:The Biography (I read the audio book version),” by Brian Jay Jones will continue to grace our book shelves, as well. Whatever the case, let’s hope the legacy of the Jim Henson Company lives on for a very long time, and that people continue talking about its creations.


About Philip B.

I'm a recent MLS graduate seeking work as a youth services librarian in a public library. I especially enjoy organizing and presenting storytimes using my puppetry and storytelling skills. I love books, both print and electronic. I also enjoy art, music, theatre and baseball. One of my favorite summer activities is going to the NC mountains and exploring hiking trails.

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